A Nice Cup of Tea

This 15 week project, ran by Skippko in association with Caring Together, Sikh Elders and Mae Care was based around the theme of Tea with the title 'A Nice Cup of Tea.'Each group worked with two artists to produce work around this theme, before coming together for a Tea Party celebration at the end of the project.

The work produced included the use of various materials and techniques, with the participants choosing their groups direction through negotiation between members.Each group produced a totally different set of work dependent on the area within the theme that the group had focused on.

I worked with Rozi Fuller at Caring Together to produce a Tea Set game containing tea themed quiz cards contained in a giant teapot that was decorated with tea poems and rhymes created by the group. The tea set also included the creation of a Tea Tray to carry around the game and a tea cloth to lay on the table.

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