Abstract Colour Dreams

Abstract Colour Dreams grew organically out of the 'Beachy Things' project which came naturally to an end with my move back to the UK on completion of my postgradutae studies. 

The 'Abstract Colour Dreams' series continued my interest in shape, line and colour but took different inspiration - my pre dreams. Or more specifically when you close your eyes and see floating colours and shapes often on very vivid or very dark backgrounds. Occasionally beachy objects would make it into the works - perhaps they were stored in my subconscious - but the main influence was simply to close my eyes. Sometimes, letters, words or phrases appeared in these works, again they were all a product of that pre-dream state, never an intentional statement. 

An interesting angle in this project was that at the time I was doing a lot of jewellery making and my abstract colour dreams project just naturally filtered across providing unusual jewellery making inspiration that created some rather bizarre pendants.

This series sold very quickly on exhibition and in fact sold too quick for me to get any really good shots of the work but below are some of the better photographs I did manage to take.