Future Plans 
A major aim is to develop a creative space for artists to use as a stop-gap of inspiration. The space would be residential with communal social areas and will have studio space suitable for artists, writers, musicians and most other creatives.This would offer creatives a creative haven, free form the mundane everyday distractions of the world where they can have the chance to explore new ideas and develop their personal practice. It would also provide a meeting point and community for artists leading to a base where cross-cultural exchanges and international collaborations could form.

Artist Statements
Please see below for statements relating to specific projects and/or exhibitions.

Lemba Love
This is an ongoing series of work that I aim to update, roughly annually, to coincide with my residencies at the Cyprus College of Art. The series looks at the nature of the campus in Lemba and revels in the layers of creative inspiration that are ever present at this unique site. The work is mixed media in nature and my practise utilises found objects and materials including; rubbish, detritus from previous artists, collected pamphlets and leaflets, left over paints, rusted nails and many other inspiring yet forgotten items I find.

2014's Lemba Love work was displayed as part of the international arts festival Larroque Visual Arts Festival 2015. Further works from the series were displayed at Pafos Capital of Culture 2017 and Festival De Arte Lanzarote.

The 'Womble' Series
This series is an exploration of found objects from specific locations which have included the Yorkshire coastline, inner city Leeds and Saltaire village. I comb my chosen area, systematically picking up discarded objects and human detritus which I then document before storing chronologically.

Forms and compositions emerge from the objects I find and the places in which I find them. My work is almost akin to a rebirth of the discarded object, a finding of a forgotten place or a looped playback of the interaction between person, place and object, freeze-framed in a moment.

Colour is of great importance to me, with wide ranging influences ranging  from Stass Paraskos and Howard Hodgkin to beach paraphernalia. I use a Mediterranean palette of wild colours that I apply in layers of mixed media including household, industrial and artist’s paints along with dyes and inks. Wherever possible I work on reclaimed board and canvas or re-use previous bases; sometimes incorporating existing colours, patterns and textures into my work.

Time is also significant in the narrative of my pieces and this is reflected in the layered process I adopt when painting and sculpting. It is not unusual for there to have been five or six different images or arrangements previous to the finished piece. Often these layers peek through the final surface and offer glimpses of past ideas, actively demonstrating the process.

Bold, block colours and semi abstraction are recurring features in my work.