Decoupage, for those that don't know of it, is the layering of printed images to create a finished piece. Often Decoupage pieces have a solid painted background that layers of printed images and varnish are added on top of. Decoupage can be done on most items as long as the surface will 'take' to the images and varnish. (So surfaces like glass and plastic are out and perfect surfaces are wood and card!)

Traditionally, one would buy specific types of printed images to use in decoupage and these are still available today. However, in addition you can use images from magazines and newspaper, posters, sweet wrappers, packaging, wrapping paper and even hand made images.

Any themes, hobbies and interests can be catered for here, I can even base images around a certain colour, food, animal or activity. In addition I can decoupage most items as long as I get enough warning. Please remember that on average each piece has approx. 5 - 10 layers of images with varnish layers in between each one. This does take a decent amount of time in both image placement and drying so please get in touch a good couple of weeks before you need the item to ensure it is complete on time!

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