DIY Backdrop

Images below come from DM Academy Summer School 2012. 

The summer school was based around Hockney and I worked with a group of 5-17 year olds to create a 12m x 10m backdrop that was used as part of a dance routine at the Alhambra. 

To start the project we had a field trip to Saltaire to see some of the local scenery in the model village and Roberts Park as well as soak in the work of Hockney displayed at the Mill.

Back at the dance school, the children and young people worked in small groups to create designs which I then amalgamated into a cohesive design for the backdrop. The children and young people worked in pairs with the older ones acting as peer leaders and guiding the younger ones when painting and drawing onto the backdrop. We used trade standard materials and created a working backdrop in just five days!

This was a fantastic community project and would work as well in any other setting where a backdrop might be need for the performing arts for example youth and community groups or schools. If you are interested in a design your own backdrop workshop, then please do get in touch on