This project takes the focus away from traditional artist research and places the spotlight instead on investigating cultures.

It is a great way to get 14-19 year olds more independent when it comes to their research and more creative when it comes to designing their own ideas. In addition, it really hits the spot as far as moral, social, religious and cultural education is concerned!

In general this project works best when my time is split in three so that I can spend time with pupils at the beginning, middle and end or the project. In between my allocated slots there should be at least 4 weeks for the young people to undertake independent research.

This project can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Want to run a project on Retro and the Kitsch? Love the idea of studying Street Art? Fancy investigating foreign foods, colours and textures? Trying to make a certain Artistic period more appealing? 

All of these things and more can be easily tackled with my Discovery Project. Just get in touch on

Examples come from the 2008/9 BTEC group at Woodkirk High School and the Additional Arts group 2013-2014 at Dixons Trinity Academy.