Drawing Time

Drawing Time was a live drawing extravaganza that took place at Leeds Corn Exchange. The event was organised and managed by Yvonne Carmichael as part of the Art in Unusual Spaces project currently operating throughout the city. 

Drawing Time bought together 46 artists who draw in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to experimental.

The event made use of the circular structure of the Corn Exchange by using the structure like a clock with different artists assigned different times dependent on their door display position on the upper floor.

That is, if positioned at 2 o’ clock the artist got 5 minutes to make their drawing and if positioned at 10 o’ clock they got 50 minutes.

Yvonne said: "It is hoped that this playful approach will highlight the joyous nature of drawing and allow an accessible entrance-point for the public into a variety drawing techniques. It will also be a great opportunity to bring together lots of interesting artists to discuss a medium."

I was assigned 15mins 36secs to complete my A0 piece of paper. As such, I decided to work with wide graffiti markers and paint pens to cover large areas of paper quickly. I added definition and detail with felt tips and used permanent markers to outline edges.

I took inspiration from the shapes of the building, the arches, the round details, the egg and dart coving around the edge and the sweeping lines of the roof. These shapes all reminded me strongly of Constructivist posters and as such I decided to create a poster like image using bright block colours, black outlines and letters/numbers, which I took from my time and initials.

Completed works were displayed at the Corn Exchange over a number of months.

For more information on Drawing Time and Art in Unusual Spaces, check out the youtube video below or visit the link at the bottom of the page.