Experimental Drawing

This is a fantastic workshop for all age groups as everyone can get something out of the activities from primary school children through to experienced artists. In addition, the workshop is based around a set of transferable skills such as observation, hand - eye coordination and independent enquiry that make it a valid resource for future work.

It is a flexible workshop as the subject matter is very easily changed to link in with existing topics and/or schemes of work. I find that it works particularly well with familiar subject matters such as everyday objects or working from a life model (age appropriateness is considered here!)

The workshop works best as a singular session that can then be further built upon in school time or through independent/ personal development. It can be run from a 3 hour session, up to a full day workshop depending on the age group.

Materials used in this workshop often deviate form the traditional and can include wire, wool, thread, found objects, natural objects and recycled textiles.

Examples below come from Y10 pupils at Arthur Mellows Village College.