Frozen Academy

The Frozen Academy is an artist collective originally founded by Josef Danek and Kenneth Hay in 2007 upon Josef hearing that his drawing school was being shut down, or frozen, with immediate effect. The collective now consists of a worldwide network of over 30 artists each invited by the groups founding members. 

I joined the group in early 2010 after Josef, Ken and other members of the group stayed at the Cyprus College of Art, where I was studying for a Diploma Cipris in Fine Art. Due to the sequence of eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull, the Icelandic volcano, the visit of the group was extended and as such we formed a tight knit group during those few weeks, living and working side by side.

As a group we communicate regularly, create collaborative artworks despite the distances between us, exchange ideas and even have meals together digitally. We do of course also meet in person to create new artworks and exhibit worldwide in countries including England, Cyprus, France, The Netherlands and Czech Republic.

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