In the Night

In the Night began as an experimental watercolour session in 2016 during a residency at the Cyprus College of Art. 

The college is in fact not a college but an artist studio space that was created by the unique vision and dedication to that vision of Stass Paraskos. Once the college had settled in it's current location of the village of lempa, Stass set to building a huge sculptural wall that surrounds the studios and over the years many artists from all over the world have worked with Stass to add more and more to the boundary wall that has become an astonishing piece of public art.

During the daytime the wall seems full of fun and frivolity with surreal characters frolicking with mythological beasts, shutters turning into sexy ladies and Stass riding along the top of the wall on a bike. However, I noticed that at night the wall took on a different feeling -sometimes menacing and scary, sometimes contemplative and quiet but it was definitely a different atmosphere created by the change in temperature and lighting and the distinct lack of socialisation in the courtyard and surrounding wall.

This ongoing project is an attempt to capture that changed atmosphere that makes the whole installation seem creepily still and yet simultaneously makes one quite possessive over the space as if by being there alone it belongs to you somehow. This project is also springing new project ideas to try and capture other places in the night - places that have different characters during daylight and nighttime hours.