Jewellery Workshop

Organising a jewellery workshop is a  great way to get pupils involved in the D&T curriculum with a real hands on experience. 

The most popular range of jewellery workshops are wirework based and involve pupils creating their own chains, pendants and charms using just wire and pliers with the occasional bead thrown in for good measure!!

Other options including beading workshops where we consider layout and design as well as the use of small findings such as crimp beads or assemblage workshops where pre-made components are used to design new products. 

From bead and wire work to simple construction and assemblage, a wide range of jewellery styles can be planned and delivered in your establishment. Don't have the tools? Don't worry, all tools and materials are supplied as standard ensuring a hassle free experience whilst still receiving top quality materials.

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Images below are from Challenge College and show results from short (two hour) workshops in wire and bead work with Y9 & Y10 pupils.