Larroque Arts Festival

Larroque Arts Festival is an annual, international festival of contemporary art directed by Prof. Kenneth G. Hay and held in the contemporary art gallery 'Galerie La Vielle Poste' in the rural location of Larroque, France. 

Each year there is a new theme for artists torespond to and artists create work usinga wide range of media and techniques; painting, sculpture, jewellery design, film and video works, sound installations and photography. The festival aims to help artists from all over the world to meet in one place and have artistic exchanges.

I have exhibited annually since 2010.  Photographs below come from LAF 2015 where I was able to attend in person this incredible gathering of artists for international exchange and collaboration. 

To find out more about Larroque Arts Festival or La Galerie La Vielle Poste please follow this link: