Mother of Murals

Creating and displaying a mural is a great way to celebrate the Arts in your school and there are so many different types of mural that can be made. From moveable murals made with coloured pencils and sticky velcro to painted wood and even spray painted walls, there's a mural to suit everyone.

The mural theme can be tailored to meet your individual needs, for example to promote equality & diversity, healthy eating or even to link in with an existing project on a 14 - 19 course such as BTEC, GCSE or AS/A2.

Below are examples of previously created murals to give you an idea of the flexibility of such a project. So whether you're creating a permanent wall mual for your Art department or a temporary mural to promote a certain aspect of school life, get in touch on to find out more!!

Examples below come from a wide cross section of the years from Y7 through to Y13. All of the examples shown below were group efforts, most of which were designed by the pupils themselves. (Morley market murals were designed by B. Harrison)