Natural Forms Revisited

A new take on a old classic! 

Use this independent creation project with structured monitoring and workshops to enhance your Natural Forms project/unit at school.

This project works best with three sessions, spaced with approx. 8 weeks in between the first and last. 

Session 1 is an introduction to the project and can be enhanced by a trip to a local relevant site such as Temple Newsam or Harlow Carr. In this session the young people get a thorough introduction to the project including demonstrations and examples.

Session 2 is a half way review to see how young people are progressing with the project. It can be enhanced with a practical workshop (or two!!) where young people use a new skill such as string printing, creating photograms or scraffito painting.

Session 3 is the conclusion of the project which can lead to further work in school or could be the culmination of an earlier project. The session includes a thorough evaluation of skills, knowledge and understanding gained and can be linked to specific exam board grading criteria if desired.

This is a great way to link between years on multiple year courses such as BTEC, GCSE and AS/A2 and a fantastic way to get young people motivated with their independent work. For further information or to book, get in touch on

Examples come from Y10 & Y11 pupils studying for either GCSE or BTEC awards from Cockburn College of Arts, Woodkirk High School and David Young Community Academy.