A new term has started at Leeds College of Art and my short course of Art, Design and Culture has started again. 

Art, Design and Culture is a ten week evening class aimed at beginners or those who are returning to art after a long break. Session content varies from week to week but every session you will learn about: key artists or designers and relevant art and cultural history; experiment with new materials and techniques; produce artworks and have time to use your reflective sketchpad/journal.

You don’t need any experience of art whatsoever. We know it’s a bit nerve-wracking at first if you’ve never done any art, or if you are returning to art after a long break but don’t worry, everyone gets used to it surprising quickly! The studio set up is a real art-school environment and the teaching style is informal yet encouraging and supportive so any last minute nerves will melt away. 

This term I am fully booked I'm afraid so no more spots are available but if you are interested you could always book on for after Easter in the summer term. Keep your eyes peeled on the availability online though as places tend to go in a rush!

Follow this link to find out more: http://www.leeds-art.ac.uk/study/short-courses/painting-drawing/discover-art,-design-culture-(summer)/