Today I am officially announcing the end of the Beachy Things Project. This is sad news to many as through our group research on the Beachy Things Facebook page we have shared storied, memories and holiday snaps. These shared moments have enhanced my work with wide felt emotion towards this most sentimental of settings, the beach.

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Beachy Things projec. Whether you have volunteered time to come on a collection in Lemba, Cyprus with me; completed and documented your own collection near you or submitted to the Beachy Things project page on Facebook. Every contribution has been heart felt and valid and has had an impact on my work.

This is also, not the end of all ends. It is simply the current end due to practicalities more than anything. I have now faced the fact that I am no longer living by the beautiful Lemba bay (Yes this has taken almost a year but I am there now!!!) and therefore continuing with this work is quite impossible. If and when I return to Lemba, I have no doubt that the project will be reborn like a phoenix from the flames as my passion for the bay at Lemba is reignited every time I see it!

Until that point I shall be starting some new projects based around my local area, details of which I shall post on here asap along with perhaps some work in progress.

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Thanks again!