Ok bloggers, so I’m afraid it’s been over a month since my last entry and as such lots has happened. I’m going to try and condense things as much as possible here so you don’t feel like you’re reading an essay here, so enjoy!

After a lovely (if exceptionally cold) couple of weeks back in the UK with friends and family for Christmas, I returned to my idyllic island in the Mediterranean. The culture shock on returning home and then arriving back in sunny Cyprus is truly remarkable. It has a huge impact on your general creativity and your output as an artist. With a show due to open in less than a month though, I knew had to get my skates on and get down to it.

Cue three weeks of crazy studio time, painting literally dawn till dusk in preparation for my upcoming exhibition. In those three weeks I completed 5 large canvases, 7 medium sized boards and 36 small pieces to display in my show. And that’s not including the many pieces that were started and not finished in time or were finished but didn’t make the grade. It was a truly hectic time where I saw only my studio and my house for the best part of a month. (My beachy collections hit an all time low that’s for sure!)

But it was all for my first solo show in Cyprus (which I entitled, ‘Beachy Things’ for obvious reasons! ) which is on display for another week at the Cyprus College of Art's Gallery. The show went up in less than a day and is having a good run so far. I’ve had some amazing feedback from various visitors including legendary artist and founder of the school Stass Paraskos. But that’s enough bragging from me, I’ve posted up some pictures so that you can make your own mind up about whether my temporary insanity was worth it. Check them out and then, please leave a comment in my guest book.

‘Till next time Amigos...