'Are we Going to Scarborough Fair...' Currently on show at the Bradford Playhouse in the theatre bar, open most days! (See the Bradford Playhouse website for details of events and general opening hours.)

 A collection of previously unseen works on board accompany '7 on 5', which is doing a bit of a UK tour at the minute!

On '7 on 5' I am trying to find a more permanent home for this set of canvases as it is simply to large to store in my studio when it is not on display. I would hate to have to paint over it as it is one of my more successful sets of work, however practicality sometimes dictates things and we are heading that way. I think it would like great in a bar, cafe, shop, hotel or restaurant. 

So if you know of anyone who might want some local artistic talent in their joint and at a very reasonable
 price, then please put them in touch. Any offers considered.