As most of you know, I have recently moved to the quaint and artistic village of Saltaire and as soon as I arrived I was keen to get involved in village activities. So, this year I am taking part in the Saltaire living advent calender. For those of you with no prior knowledge of this, it is basically where 24 houses each decorate one window in a Christmas theme. The windows are then lit up as you would open an advent calender, one a day. I am number 2, and so my window has been lit from 2nd December.

I decided to really go to town with the idea of being the second window and as such, everything in my window comes in pairs from the baubles to the birds from the tealights to the angels. I even worked in just two colours, red and white, to further dramatise the effect.If you have not been and had a look yet, do pop over and have a wander around the village. There are maps available in most of the local shops so that you can wander with purpose!

I have had so much fun taking part and also watching for the other houses to light up there windows and compare and contrast everyone's themes and ideas. I hope that you enjoy having a look around too! You have until the last day of Christmas (January 6th) to have a nose so come on over!!!

 Happy New Year to everyone, I hope that it is a prosperous one for all. Till next time xxx