This year Pafos is European Capital of Culture 2017. As an artist who has been regularly visiting the Pafos region for over 15 years now I am honored to be able to announce that I am having a show at Cyprus College of Art as part of Pafos 2017.

The Lempa Link explores my relationship with the area and the many other artists and creatives that pass through - many of which call Lempa a second home. Also exhibiting as part of the show are Grahame Parry, Stass Paraskos, Kenneth G. Hay, Josef Danek and Margaret Paraskos - these are all artists who I have met in Lempa and have had a dramatic impact on my development as an artist and educator. 

To me Lempa is Creative Paradise and I am excited to share my passion with others through this show.

The Lempa Link will run from 10th - 23rd April 2017 and is based at Cyprus College of Art, 6 Stass Paraskos Street, Lempa.