Something About To Happen
January 6th
Gallery Skolska, 28 School St, Praha 1

An exhibition directed by Josef Danek, Kenneth G. Hay and Voyta Horalek in association with the Frozen Academy.

Head to Gallery Skolska this winter and you will be confronted with an installation of ideas gathered from a circle of 32 artists, theorists and performers working around the idea of 'Something About to Happen' and trying to offer some answers to the question 'What will happen in 2012?' 

There is a wall of statements and quotes where each of the co-operatives have contributed, some via email and post. You too can add your own statements by visiting the gallery, picking up one of the many pencils attached to the wall and adding whatever you feel appropriate.

Moving around the room projected images, films and animations add depth to a collection of extraordinary art objects including costumes, paintings, collages and assemblages.  

I have contributed a number of photographs that are used in the projections at the gallery along with a collaged piece entitled 'The Normality Clock AKA The Clock of Destiny.' 

This piece is a collage of a number of simplistic black and white sketches, photocopied and enlarged to create a decorated clock face. The images represent the everyday matters of life and therefore reflect the sentiments in my statement. (I will post my statement up at a later point!) On top of this, moving clock hands will be projected showing the passing of time through all of these normal and average events, symbols and objects in the drawings.
Photographs to follow.

For further information see the galleries homepage: 

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