What exciting news! I am starting an adults only art group. So get those kids in bed, park your partner in front of the box and hot foot it down to the fully equipped studio at ArtBugs for a fantastic evening.

All sessions are artist led by myself, but this is not about learning how to paint a certain way or everyone producing the same type of tapestry!

This is sooooo much more fun than that!

Come along for a chance to explore materials, create anything you desire, develop skills if you wish, learn as and when you want to and just have a go at stuff! A fab place to get some much needed me time, socialise with like minded people and get a creative release without the pressure of having to learn something, do something or make something.

Plus you have an experienced artist on hand for all of your queries and there's much needed refreshments included too.

So whether you're looking at putting together a portfolio to have another shot at college or just want to have a play with some paint, get in touch today to find out more!