As per usual summer has come and brought with it not only some unexpected good weather (for a change) but also the expected craziness of super busy days caused by multiple projects all kicking off at once.

From publishing new books with Dixon's Trinity to running a mixed media course at the Leeds College of Art Summer School it really is all go, go, go!!! And that's without even mentioning Strong Voices continuing with fantastic partner trips to The Discovery Centre and Leeds City Museum, running arts and craft sessions at Harlow Carr with Artbugs and completing the layout for a new publication created by Lou Sumray with Artforms.

Phew-ee I am going to be ready for my annual leave in September! Before then though there will be some more books being published and further updates on here so you can see what I've been up to. If you want more up to date images right away then please look at my Facebook page: