This month two major arts campaigns are joining forces to create an even more exciting project than ever before!

Working with John Jamiesons SILC in Leeds on the Let's Make Books project has been an absolute pleasure so far with teacher Alison Innes supplying an unfaltering supply of knowledge about the pupils and also being a huge source of creativity and inspiration. Early on in the project Alison mentioned The Big Draw and asked if I'd like to get involved and link it with the Let's make Books project - how could I refuse such a fantastic idea!

So our Big Draw day is taking place next week on 23rd October and we will be engaging staff and pupils with a wide range of creative visual arts to envelop participants in colour, movement and texture to make their own worlds and even develop ideas about what is beyond it. 

Photographs of the day along with evidence from along the project journey and imagery of the final pieces created by pupils will come together in the form of a visual book with a story line based in the pupils reality that is all about communication methods.

Artforms, a part of Leeds City Council is supporting the Let's Make Books project and Next generation Publications will be the publishers for the book. We hope to have the finished product completed by Christmas so just you watch this space!