So I have sent my postcard across to my swap partner in South Africa and I am eagerly waiting for mine to wing its way across the Atlantic from the USA. Can't wait to see what I end up with :)

Here is one side of my postcard. Most of the main part of the postcard is in fact made from PVA and as such is pretty transparent. This means it doesn't scan too well and a lot of detail gets lost in translation. Anyhoo, you will get the rough idea!

I created this with layers of PVA glue that I subtly dyed with fabric inks. When these layers were dry, I peeeld them off the backing, leaving a solely transparent layer. ON to this layer, I embedded coloured tissue paper with yet more PVA and left to dry before working with acrylic and glass paints on the top layer to create the blooms. The final addition was the stitched lettering on felt.

The other side will follow!