Whilst surfing around the world via my laptop I discovered the most fantastic beach related web page, it's so good it's almost a sister to my Beachy Things Project on Facebook!!! (If you've not seen the Beachy Things Project page yet simply go to the 'Home' page and click on the link. It'll take you straight there!)

It's called The World Beach Project and has been developed by internationally renowned artist Sue Lawty (resident artist at the V&A museum in London.) The aim of the project is to create a global art project where anyone can contribute. The project aims to build on everyone's experiences of creating art at the beach using pebbles and shingle.

The project happens in two stages and in two locations. First, find a beach. (That is an essential I'm afraid!) At the beach choose a selection of stones and make your pattern, recording the work-in-progress with some photographs along the way.

Then comes stage 2. This happens at a computer. Here you upload the photographs to the World Beach Project website to complete the project. On completion of this you can enter the gallery and see everybody's photographs. Plus you can find out where they all are in the world on a fully interactive map.

I thought this sounded like a great project to get involved in and so off I toddled down to my local beach. Here I sat for 3 hours in the baking Cypriot sun creating drawings after drawings in the sand using a large selecion of shingle and pebbles. I photographed about 25 complete pieces in total over the course of the morning. Below are my two personal favourites from that session.


If you think you would like to get involved in The World Beach Project, simply go the 'More' page and click on the link, it'll take you straight there! Have fun!