This summer has been a triumph of the Summer Workshop and I have been all over the Leeds area delivering a wide range of workshops with various providers including extended services (with schools) and Space 2.

Workshops have been wide ranging and have included activities such as making robots out of rubbish, designing your own skateboard and creating personal caricatures. Participants have ranged from ages 5 to 13 and have come form all areas of Leeds including Seacroft & Gipton, Roundhay, Beeston, Middleton, Morley and South Leeds.

One of the goals of the arts workshops has been to provide some meaningful activities for the young people during the summer holidays. As such, I have tried to incorporate a variety of meaningful topics into each of the workshops. Some of the topics covered have been Self Image; Healthy Living and Using Recycled Materials. Through these topics we have looked at key current issues such as sustainability, green living and looking after yourself through healthy living. 

Phew, that was a lot of information! Photographs of these workshops along with some brief information will be posted asap on the appropriate page and some photographs are already on FLICKR. If you want a quick gander click here: 

Given all that has been going on I'm sure you can appreciate why it has been a little my since my last post, I have been UBER busy!!! Perhaps September will be different? Time and blog post numbers alone will tell!!!