Artwork Investigation

This is a great project for younger school children (Y4/5 up to Y9) and provides fantastic opportunities to use PLTS and other independent investigative skills. The project involves an exciting investigation of  a specific piece of artwork to find out as much as possible about the artist, the piece and the meaning of the piece.

It is really flexible as it can be based around any artwork you desire so it can link into existing schemes of work or can provide something totally new! 

From past experience paintings and other 2D works tend to get better results from younger children as their imagination is sharp and playful. Whereas Y8/Y9 pupils get more involved with challenging pieces of contemporary artwork such as video art or installation as it provokes the whole "I could do that" and the "That isn't Art" debates! 

The project works best as a single session project that can be run over 2 hours up to a full day session depending on the group and outcomes desired.

So if you're trying to introduce PLTS into your schemes of work or you just want a fresh take on an Art History session, get in touch on for more information!

Examples come from Y9 pupils investigating Picasso's Guernica.