Always In Vogue

This is a fashion project with a difference! Get the best creative thinking out of your young people with this challenging design project that asks them to create a finished garment using only recycled, reclaimed or reused materials.

To get the most out of this project (and to save on material costs) all participants are asked to bring  carrier bag full of recycled, reclaimed or reused materials to enhance the selection provided.

In Vogue starts with a look at high fashion garments from the catwalk from various resources including music videos and magazines. 

Next, the young people consult the material table to see what is available and begin designing their garments with the materials in mind. Particular attention is given to the joining of materials and garment details such as shoulder pads, exaggerated zips or contrast stitching. 

When the design process is complete, the young people start making using themselves as models for sizing etc.

The culmination of the project is a fashion catwalk where the young people show off their finished designs and vote for the best use of materials from the group. 

A thorough evaluation is included with the final session and can be linked to specific grading criteria if desired.

A complimentary project to run alongside this is 'Get In Vogue.' In this project, young people use their fashion know how and experience of constructing garments to produce a fashion magazine featuring their original creations alongside creative writing and interesting fashion facts. 

If you want to, we can go the whole hog and have a launch party complete with catwalk to celebrate the magazine completion!!!

This project has the possibility to fit into so many existing schemes of work and has a truly vocational ethic to it. Fantastic for BTEC or Diploma students but also great for Textiles or Fashion GCSE and AS/A2. 

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Examples come from KS2 holiday provision and a BTEC group from Woodkirk High School.