These formal learning workshops aimed at school groups explored the 'Jessie Flood-Paddock and Kenneth Armitage:Refinding' exhibition held at the Tetley in 2017. Children were challenged to explore the qualities of two very different materials - clay and paper to try and sculpt a tree that was inspired by the things they had seen in the exhibition (namely Flood-Paddocks exploration of materials and Armitage's subject matter.)

In addition a family drop in workshop was held over two afternoons with the aim of building a large scale, paper tree sculpture. Parents, children and young people worked together to create a five and a half foot tree built with a mixture of newsprint, newspaper, tissue paper, gum strip and tissue paper. Once the tree had dried it was exhibited alongside the exhibition for the remainder of the show. Following the show it has been used for a number of different workshops and by various groups as a springboard for other activities.