Self Image

All too often self image is a bit of a taboo subject with youngsters as people assume that children are too young to understand or that as teenagers they won't want to talk about it with adults.

This means that all too often niggling issues can fly well under the radar despite them having quite a big impact on young people and their personal development.

This project was created to try and tackle some of these issues in a non-threatening environment using a variety of creative methods. 

The project works best if it is treated a a series of workshops, although these can be run over a full day or a number of afternoon/morning sessions. 

It is accessible for any age group and involves a variety of creative activities that tackle some  of the most common issues that surround self image. 

Activities can include; visual mapping of the self; discussions about self image, self confidence and self esteem; partner work to develop confidence and build communication skills; caricature work that addresses the inside/outside balance; examination of mass media; artist studies and creation of mixed media work that responds to topics raised. 

The activities are chosen to suit the demands of each particular group and also to provide a well rounded project

This project works really well when run in tandem with my 'Healthy Living' projects such as kite making. 

Get in touch on to discuss the best way forward for your group!

Images come from summer holiday provisions run in conjunction with Space 2.