Deck It

This is a great project for getting new or challenging groups on side. It is project that holds lots of relevance to young people and it boasts a strong vocational element alongside lots of interesting research into unusual and contemporary designers. In addition, you can expand this project so many ways for example, into Textiles by looking at printed surfaces or into Graphics by studying brand representation or advertising.

'Deck It' works best with older pupils (Y9+) and can be split into a number of small sessions or ran over a full day session depedending on the group and what you want covering.

The project involves examining contemporary designers such as Jeremy Fish as well as big skateboarding names such as Powell Peralta. Pupils then create their own designs that have been influenced by this research and the provided resources. These designs are then transferred onto real skateboard decks using specially chosen painting materials. When finished the skateboards are fully functional and it's great seeing them used at the local park.

Examples below come from Y10 pupils studying BTEC Art & Design at the David Young Community Academy in Seacroft and give you an idea of the kind of scope this project has. 

For more information on this project and how it could work in your setting, get in touch on!