This project reflects an interest in the relationship between post dusk light and the perception of the basic elements of art (colour, shape, line, pattern, form, tone, texture and space). We say that night-time is dark or without light but this is not true, especially in today's electrical society. After the sun has set for the day, places, objects and people who are familiar in the daytime take on a different guise, a midnight cloak that affects our perception greatly. 

In this project I am starting to explore my perception of the qualities of the basic elements after the sun has set - beginning with a focus on colour and shape. Initial works are in watercolours but I have plans for further works in mixed media. I am particularly interested in capturing environments that have a totally different day and night time character - for example a coastal resort that is a family haven during the day but comes alive with adults out to play at night. 

Tenebrosity is the quality of being dark or shadowy.