Craven Shelter Revamp

This workshop took place over a period of four days in conjunction with South Craven Youth Club and Kala Sangam. (Please see links at the bottom of this page for more information.)The given brief was to revamp a shelter in the local park, inside and out, using spray graffiti as the main media. I took this brief and focused the project onto a 'Monster' theme.

The shelter was in very bad condition when we started and as such we had to use wallpaper scrapers, wire wool and white wine vinegar to remove as much of the rust as we could. Next, we washed down the whole trailer with soapy water followed by clean water before it was left to air dry. Then we covered all of the surfaces with a rust inhibiting metal primer that formed our grey base coat.

After all of the hard restoration work was done, we started to have some fun with our design work. All of the young people were given a small notebook in which to draw a selection of imaginary monsters. With the help of a simple worksheet these initial drawings were turned into design ideas for a monster mural, with each young person chosing one side of the shelter to work on. The young people then sketched out their ideas straight onto the shelter's surfaces.

I then gave guidance and information on using spray paint in a safe and efficent manner, before the young people blocked out the main areas using spary paint to create light, medium and dark tones. Next, highlights were added with enamel paint, which was glossy and shiney and therefore stood out on the matt spray paint. Lastly, large graffiti markers were used to outline monsters and add details such as eyeballs, fingernails, spots and hair.

If you fancy revamping a shelter, skateboard ramp, youth club or centre then check out my school project page for more revamp images or get in touch on for more information!