Room Revamp

Have you got a crummy corridor or a rotten room that's just ripe for development? Why not turn it into a fun, rewarding and vocational project with my Room Revamp?

This is a medium length project (dependent on the space requiring the revamp) that can involve all year groups to create a space that both the school and it's pupils can be proud of. This project can also easily be linked to various BTEC and Diploma units as well as ArtsAward (I am a fully qualified adviser) and other certified courses.

Room revamp includes the planning of the revamp in close conjunction with the school and it's pupils as well as sourcing of materials including new furniture and so on if necessary right the way through to completion. 

Images come from a previous project at Fulneck School. This room was designed in conjunction with the Head of Art, Deputy Head and a selected pupil committee. 

It was created with the Gifted and Talented cohort from all years taking part over a week long project. As you can see the results are stunning and really suit the purpose of the room as a recreational space for the young people to use during break and lunch times.

To get creating your perfect space, get in touch on!