All Things Wings

A great project for pupils of all ages that links Art right across the curriculum with subjects such as History, Technology, English and Science.

'All Things Wings'involves the creation of wings using art straws, recycled food wrappers, newspaper, tissue paper and string. The project works best as a set of three afternoons (age and group dependent) and is fantastic for activity and cross curricular days.

Pupils can examine wings from nature such as butterfly and bird wings and see how Da Vinci was decades before his time with his inventive flying devices and wing designs. Choose additional resources to suit your aims and objectives from aeroplanes and helicopters, flying insects, flying dinosaurs and fantasy creatures such as fairies or angels.

The main part of this project is spent constructing wings using a variety of easily obtainable materials. This can be conducted as group work to create massive display pieces, in pairs to construct a pair of wings or individually to  promote PLTS. 

The session includes a thorough evaluation of the knowledge, skills and understanding gained which can be linked to specific grading criteria if desired.

A great way to inject creativity into the curriculum and enthuse pupils about a wide range of topics. Also, fantastic for promoting the Arts and creative learning right across the school! 

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Examples shown above were made by Y8 pupils who used natural wings for their resources and worked independently over three sessions to complete the wings.