Sarah-Jane Mason

Hello and welcome to - the website of Creative Practitioner & Educator, Sarah-Jane Mason

Sarah-Jane is a specialist in mixed media approaches to creating and learning with the foundations of her practice rooted in painting, drawing and sculpture. She is passionate about the importance of creativity for everyone and as such places an equal importance on both her roles as a creative educator and a practicing artist.

Currently Sarah-Jane splits her time between the UK and Lanzarote. In the UK she works as an Artist Educator for spaces such as Leeds Art Gallery, The Tetley and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In Lanzarote, she is working with Land Artist and Jewellery Maker Simon Turner to set up an Arts hub for creative practices and European or perhaps even world wide cultural exchange. The hub will be loosely modeled on the Cyprus College of Art in Lemba, called The Lacuna Studios and aims to provide a creative space for all free of restrictions, commitments and hierarchies. To find out more about The Lacuna Studios and follow our progress please visit us on Facebook or at our website.

If you would like to get in touch directly, please do so via or by visiting the 'Contact' tab for further contact details.

To find out more about Sarah-Jane's personal arts practice please visit the 'Artist Portfolio' tab.

To find out more about her work as an Artist Educator and various creative education projects please visit the 'Educator Portfolio' tab.


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