Carnival Arts

I have been involved in the Leeds West Indian Carnival for over four years now and carnival is becoming more and more of an important part of my life. I have learnt a whole new set of skills, by working alongside exceptionally talented and experienced carnival artists (like Arthur France and Lorina Gumbs) and as importantly have made a new family of friends during my time as a designer, maker and dancer. 

I am excited for my continued involvement in the Leeds West Indian Carnival, particularly with the approach of our fiftieth celebration in 2017. Here is a brief history of my involvement with the carnival with accompanying images on the right hand side.

In 2016 I designed, built and danced with "AnonyMas" headed up by Lorina Gumbs. Our troupe's theme was 'The Four Elements' and we won biggest and best troupe of the carnival. I designed an individual costume (including backpack) that I danced in during the carnival as well as helping to build the main troupe costumes.

In 2015 I worked with Simon Turner to design and build 'Simba - The Lion King' which was the King Costume for the "A Team" led by Arthur France. We were placed third in the costume competition which we were incredibly proud of as it was the first big build for either of us. I also helped to build troupe costumes and danced with the A team during the carnival in an custom designed frontline costume.

In 2014 and 2013 I danced with AnonyMas in the Leeds West Indian Carnival. We also went on the road touring our costumes around carnivals in the UK including Huddersfield, Leicester and Preston. 

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