The Creativity Machine is a project idea focused around bringing communities together through creative projects, workshops and events.

The concept behind The Creativity Machine is that communally creating something for the community is a great way to conquer any exisiting divides. To unite in a creative goal eases tensions, builds long lasting bridges, provides fun and engaging activities and creates something that will imporve the appearance of the community base.

In addition, The Creativity Machine has a base framework that can be successfully applied to any community, be it a school, business, local area or workplace. This means that through The Creativity Machine, many people from all different backgrounds could be positively affected through engaging with creative work.

Watch this space for updates on this project, which is currently awaiting funding opportunities to realise the dream!!! If you know anyone who is interested in community cohesion and the Arts that may be able to offer funding for this project, please get in touch via the contact page.

Update: Funding application being processed. Keep everything crossed and we may be ok!

With thanks to Keeley (age 11) for the glorious banner design on this page!

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