If you are on this page, then you are interested in all things crafty! Below are just a few of the many crafty things that I create for others. Simply click on an image to be taken through to a brief description and more images of your chosen crafty item! 

I have ordered things as logically as possible so you will find all of the jewellery together etc. If you have seen something at a craft stall or shop that you would like and can not see here, then just get in touch via the contacts page!

Most crafty things make great gifts for special occasions; as they are all handmade to order, pretty much anything can be accommodated. Just get in touch via the contact page to order for that special someone!

Lastly, if you are interested in becoming a crafty kind of person yourself, then there are two things you can do. 

If you want to craft with your friends, then check out my 'Arty Party' link below where you will find details on holding an 'Arty Party' which is simply great crafting fun! 

Another place to look is my tutoring webpage which will be more suitable if you are interested in a one on one learning experience! Find the link just below:



Arty Party 

Scrapbooks, Cards & Decoupage

Vintage Glass & Candles