Papercraft: Scrapbooking, Cards & Decoupage

Papercarfting is something that reminds me of being a little girl and crafting with my Granny on a weekend. As such, it has been a passion of mine throughout my life and it just made sense to continue with it. 

I think that scrapbooks are perfect as presents for friends and relatives for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries, christenings, births, special birthdays and engagements. Obviously a scrapbook is quite a personalised item so these are made to order with about a 8 - 14 day turn around. By clicking on the scrapbook picture below you can see a few of my past projects. 

Handmade cards are a great way to perk up someone's day, so why not request a card on the usual email address (below) and post it across to a friend. It is rare to receive an envelope in the post that is not a bill when you're a proper grown up so make someone's day and send them one of these instead!

Decoupage is one of my all time favourite things to do and again harks back to my childhood, where I had a decoupaged toy box courtesy of my Granny Eryl. I can transform most items from dull to dazzling with turn around depending on the size of the object. To give you some idea of how transferable this technique can be, past projects have included wooden trays, full size dressing screens, toy boxes and salad dishes. Have a look at the images below, pick an object, pick a theme (optional) and get in touch!

Please direct all enquiries about these products directly to myself on